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Monthly Horoscope for Aries


Mar 21 - Apr 19

You start the month with increased mental energy as communicative Mercury trines your home planet of Mars on June 1. Studying and learning new things comes easily, and taking tests should be a breeze. Debating is also ideal during this transit, so don?t hesitate to express your ideas and opinions loudly and proudly. If there?s an argument, you?ll probably win it. Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on the thirteenth, igniting sparks between you and someone you?re attracted to. You need extra validation that you?re attractive and desirable because your ego needs a constant boost. You may pout if you don?t get the attention you seek, but your Aries strength won?t let you wallow in self-pity for long. The Venus-Mars opposition on June 21 increases sexual tension and sensual desires, but the timing may not be right to act. Putting in a valiant effort won?t always get you what you want, which can be annoying. Use creative outlets to vent your frustration when you can?t get your way. When Mercury enters Leo on the twenty-ninth, you start to think about the big picture. Let someone else worry about all the insignificant little details. Right now, you?ve got a grand plan that you can?t wait to put into action.

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