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Monthly Horoscope for Cancer


Jun 21 - Jul 22

If you?ve been having trouble making up your mind, the Venus-Saturn trine on April 7 should help you, especially when love is involved. ?Should you or shouldn?t you?? is a question that?s been on your mind a lot lately, and you should know the answer by the time this aspect fades. The sun shifts from aggressive Aries into more laid-back, conservative Taurus on the nineteenth, and you feel a bit more comfortable with the Bull?s security-conscious motives and objectives. Your family and friends are your motivating factors, and you get domestic reinforcement from the traditional-minded energy of Taurus. You don?t see eye to eye with everyone, however, a fact that is brought out even more by the potentially destructive Mars-Pluto conjunction on April 26. You don?t have to like the people you work or live with, but you do have to find a way to get along. You don?t want to give up, but sometimes removing yourself from a toxic environment is the only way to solve a personnel problem. The full moon in Scorpio is under another water sign?s influence on the twenty-ninth, so emotions run high. The end of the month can be a healing, transformative time, but only if you?re willing to admit that there?s a problem (to yourself if no one else).

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