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Monthly Horoscope for Leo


Jul 23 - Aug 22

You could be thrown by the slightly hostile energy coming from Mercury?s square to the Mars-Saturn coupling on April 4, which is why you need to be extra careful when conveying thoughts and feelings. Words come out wrong during heated discussions, which could negatively affect an important relationship. Forceful Saturn turns retrograde on the seventeenth, providing you with valuable insight that could further your career or make a big difference in your personal life. What is one of your biggest regrets? What is the one mistake that you wish you could go back and correct? The next five months provide you with a do-over window, so don?t waste it. Mercury squares Saturn on April 25, which causes communications to take on a pessimistic tone. Why do you always have to be the bearer of bad news? Probably because you choose to be. Try to stop focusing on the negative when you talk about current events or what you did today. People will eventually tune you out if you?re always a downer. A full moon in sexy Scorpio on the twenty-ninth gives you permission to act on your desires, which is a great way to wrap up the month. Love is complicated but passionate.

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