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Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Getting through the Venus retrograde cycle that begins on October 5 is only a matter of patience, Sagittarius. You?re a fire sign who wants to go, go, go, but a retrograde period is a time to slow down and reflect. Use your downtime to go over money matters that need your attention. A Mercury-Uranus opposition on the tenth quickens the pace, however, and your busy schedule has you running around town without any time to spare. You love this upbeat tempo, but if you overlook some of the details it could come back to bite you later. The fast pace continues during the Mercury-Mars square on October 19, but this time hurrying communication issues could end in disaster. Are you sure your text went through or that you didn?t send an e-mail peppered with typos to your boss? Again, Sagittarius, the details matter. A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-ninth helps you combine work and play, and the harder you work, the more fun you have. Is this the magical combination you?ve been looking for? Following your bliss has never been more lucrative!

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