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Monthly Horoscope for Virgo


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Enjoy the chance to kick back and relax during the transition of feminine Venus from forceful Scorpio to casual Sagittarius on December 1. You?re more outgoing, too, so it?s a good time to make new friends. When chatty Mercury makes a trine to innovative Uranus on the tenth, you should see an increase in creative communication. Peruse alternate methods to getting your point across, in both a personal and professional sense. You may benefit from the latest tech gadgets or apps ? whatever it takes to get a step ahead of your competition. When love-focused Venus makes her second square to ethereal Neptune, also on the tenth, you should attend to financial matters. Don?t guess or estimate when it comes to your hard-earned money! A progressive Sun-Uranus trine is exciting and unpredictable on December 16, and while spontaneity isn?t always comfortable for you, you?re ready to break free from convention. You don?t know where this untraveled road will take you, but you?re ready to leave the map behind and find out. The month and year-end with the moon in Gemini on the thirty-first, so enjoy the duality that this aspect brings. Showing both sides of yourself keeps people guessing.

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